Geforce Now Portable app

How to use Geforce NOW as a portable app in your PC.

This tutorial will help you to play Geforce NOW on computers where you don't have administrative permissions to install any software. Requirements: you need to have Geforce NOW already working on a different Windows PC.

1- Open Windows Explorer and browse the following path in to the computer where you already have Geforce NOW running (you will need to enable "view hidden folders"):
C:\Users\your-windows-user\AppData\Local\NVIDIA Corporation\

2- Inside above folder you should be able to see three folders (GeForceNOW, GeForceNOWStreamer y Installer2). Create a zip file with those folders.

3- Go to the PC where you want to use Geforce NOW as a portable app and browse the following path (if the folder "NVIDIA Corporation" doesn't exist then you will need to create it):
C:\Users\your-windows-user\AppData\Local\NVIDIA Corporation\

4- Last but not least, to run Geforce NOW portable just open the file GeForceNOW.exe that can be found inside:
"C:\Users\your-windows-user\AppData\Local\NVIDIA Corporation\GeForceNOW\CEF\"

There you go! Now you have a GFN portable app that you can use on your work laptop or whereer you please if you don´t have admin rights to install applications. If you are going to use it in your work laptop be carefull as they might want to monitor which programmes you open and what not (don't want to get you in trouble).

IMPORTANT: Do not share the zip you created on step number 2. If you do so, then people will be able to use your Geforce Now account!